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Who are We?

I thank you for your visit and we are glad to create this portal to present our distinctive products, with their quality, diversity, and prices, including jewelry, gold, silver, gemstones, and household items. Our experience has been passed on through several generations for more than 100 years.

1994 A new dawn extending from ancient origin and history to carry his own banner, Wajdi bin Ibrahim bin Ismail Jawharji who elevated it to new heights.

We strive to be the first choice and among the best centers specialized globally in this field.

Terms of use and privacy:

One of the conditions for dealing with our website may be (has reached the legal age of +018) or use the site under the supervision or presence of his parents. There is no responsibility on the store, and they are entitled at any time to delete the account of any customer under the legal age of 18 years, as proven.

  • Website programming: The site is based on a fast programming that allows the customer to easily pass through its pages.
  • Registration of data: There are some customers who register their data within our website (name - address - phone number ...)
  • Where customer data is stored: Your data is stored through the volumes of secure servers that are outside the scope of your request.
  • What we will do with customer data: only is an inventory of the number as well as providing Shipping Company for easy delivery of your products to you which is (full name - address - mobile number - product - invoice) with the ability to send each period of time via your registered e-mail to inform you of all that is new At the store when needed.
  • Direct payment service: There is a mutual agreement between our store and the Saudi Development Bank to facilitate customers by direct payment through our store with encryption of all customer data for their credit card on the bank's page and linked to the store without taking any copy of it on our site with adequate protection for all the customer credit data (Only a confirmation process from the bank for us to pay directly and transfer it to our account with the bank) There is our store that there is no information from us on your account as it is encrypted and fully secured either passwords or an account number.
  • We assure the client that the site is under direct protection accredited by a global certificate is SSQL and protection from any possible hackers or harmful viruses with all the details of the site with strong protection by the bank for the direct payment page through the bank.
  • The site has the right to block any customer whose aim is to sabotage and destroy the site or to offend the rest of the customer.
  • The site has the right to edit one of the terms inside the terms and conditions policy at any time so please refer directly to read the terms and conditions.
  • Technical support officials have the right to communicate and review with the customer in one of the order lines for confirmation and review.
  • The customer has the right to email the site with suggestions. Info@wijstore.com, in Edit, for any future data such as changing (phone number - address - job if possible - or canceling completely).
  • The customer can express any suggestions, inquiries, or submit a complaint through the available communication methods in the store, which he received a welcome, whether positively or negatively on our website, as long as this is the customer’s view, to access and improve the quality of the product or the store or the ease of dealing with the site or sales and follow-up by Our employees.
  • All internal details of data, prices, pictures and data are considered as it is the property of our store. No customer has the right to tamper with it, destroy it, take it, transfer it, take any copy in any way or copy it to itself or to others (and in the event that it is proven it will expose it to legal question).
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  • The store has the right to review prices for each time period according to the appreciation of the dollar.
  • The price of the products includes all taxes in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, plus the value of Shipping in accordance with the geographical location.
  • There are some cases that are outside the will of the site to cancel or delay the orders, as a result of (- floods - earthquakes, disasters, or the like from instability - there are some countries that prevent the entry of silver products in general or precious stones into them).
  • The store undertakes that all its products are new and original, unused, and from their natural sources.
  • The customer has the right to request any inquiry before completing or starting the purchase process, through the means of communication available through our store and the means of communication.
  • The accuracy of the colors is express and correct, only somewhat varying in the degree of screen colors used by some customers due to their different types and models.
  • The store is not responsible for any failure or failure to perform its resulting duties in direct or indirect ways such as (customer actions - security authorities - or civil - customs - - wars, disasters, battles, weather disasters, weather conditions, riots and rebellions - and delays in shipping itself .
  • Information we collect and limit:
    • All data is strictly confidential and we do not trade it outside the store and the aim is to follow up and communicate with customers, including personal data from "names and email addresses" to communicate with our customers in order to send what is new to us inside our store.
    • Statistical data: such as the number of users and their evaluations of our products, and their technical support.
    • The store does not bear any responsibility for the information that the customer previously provided to Shipping or payment companies or any third party that followed from other data related to him or his bank account number, and the store only bears the data recorded by the customer inside the store.
    • All customer data is kept on the store for an unlimited time.
Refund Policy:

The customer has the right to return the product within 48 hours of receiving the product if the following appears:

  • Wrong product that does not meet the specifications required in Cart or sent by email to the customer.
  • Defective product in industry or design.
  • A product that does not match the image and description.
  • A pre-used and refurbished product.
  • The following products "earrings - ring - full sets - half full" cannot be exchanged or returned, so we recommend reviewing the details in full detail before purchasing.
  • You can contact customer service or register an order from here to speak with us through WhatsApp or chat online only on the site Register your data and order number or invoice and we will respond and follow up to your inquiries or complaints immediately.
  • The company immediately follows up with the customer and facilitates the return mission of the goods for review through the technical support team at our store in accordance with the laws and standards in place within the site ... or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Our team follows up the Shipping company to receive the goods from the customer based on the dates of the prison companies at home and abroad, provided that the customer has a first deadline if contact with our shipping representative has not been reached in the event of a request for a return of the shipping. Once again.
  • In the event of a return or replacement for the customer, the customer will bear the added Shipping values ​​in the exchange or return, or the price differences between the old and new products, and they will be determined according to the intent support and sales inside the store.
  • If the customer returns the product in an open or unopened package, our store will not accept the product and it will be returned again to the customer and the customer will bear all the expenses.
  • The customer must inform us within 24 hours as a maximum from the date of receipt if he finds it broken or with incorrect specifications or if one of the required parts is not available in the orders - A and one of the lobes is not in the product or he is missing one of the pieces from it or anything else.
  • If there is a difference in the amounts, their sizes, or both, their weight, or their source.
Cancellation policy

Customer and administration have the right to cancel the order as follows:

  • Customer and gentlemen, visitors to our store, have to carefully review all the details of their data, so that they are not exposed to canceling orders from site management.
  • The customer must carefully review all the details in the basket so that his order is not canceled.
  • Customer can have the right to review sales in the event of an increase or decrease in the invoice and not cancel.
  • The customer has the right to cancel the orders via our phone numbers - or our electronic mail - or WhatsApp - or through our headquarters in Saudi Arabia or Cairo with convincing reasons or in the case of an increase request for consistency in how to return the amount or SALE e from the bill.
  • In the case of ordering orders within a period of 24 hours only after withdrawing the value from the customer's credit card, please contact the sales department to provide a convincing reason for how to agree to return the value to him again.
Site management:
  • The site administration has the right to cancel any order if it is not available in the warehouse, and inform the customer accordingly.
  • The site administration has the right to cancel orders in the event of instances of fraud in data, information and all details of the customer from the address or phone numbers or the fake name or clarity of the customer's lack of seriousness in any way.
  • The site administration has the right to cancel without referring to the customer without any legal issue if the site’s administration is confirmed when it follows:
    • The absence of any cash amounts in the customer's credit card will be canceled electronically by the bank.
    • In the event of fraud or entry with a fake card, it will be monitored by the bank and automatically rejected.
    • Trying to log in with fake names or tampering with the site.
    • Sometimes the store communicates with customers to confirm and review their orders and in case the customer does not commit to respond to us, he displays your requests for cancellation.
Security policy

We use appropriate security techniques and procedures to prevent any unauthorized or unlawful access to your information or its loss or destruction. When we collect data through the website, we store your personal information on a database within a secure online server. We use firewall systems on our servers. When we collect payment card details electronically, we protect them through the use of encryption, with the most secure SSL certificate .. It is therefore difficult for any hackers to decrypt your information since we do not ... and we strongly advise you not to send credit or debit card details to Any third party is not responsible for that outside the scope of our online store.

Why SSL security certificates?
  • Modern security certification technology ... protects your data from hackers and hackers, to protect the confidential and personal data of your customers by creating an encrypted tunnel to transfer data between them and your site.
  • Protection certificates are a digitally signed statement confirming your identity, and ensuring that users have their data protected, and that their communication is encrypted with your site, especially during commercial and banking transactions online.
payment methods :

We draw the attention of our valued customers and visitors to the fact that our electronic store depends in the first place in order to ensure the convenience of its customers, as all possible opportunities for payment have been provided.

  • Payment by transfer to the bank account is as follows:
    Alinma bank
    Wajdi Ibrahim Jawharji Gold and Jewelery Showroom
    IBAN SA6005000068202272600000
    Inside Alinma Bank short number
  • Pay by credit card, Visa card, MasterCard and MADA
  • Paying to one of our headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Cairo
Our branches:
  • Jeddah Office: King Abdulaziz Street, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Riyadh Office: Bin Saeed Commercial Center Unit No. 2, Al-Thumairy Street, Al-Dirah District, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Cairo Office: 6A Farouk Amer Street, Ministries Street, Sheraton Buildings, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt